Summer Programs

Brazilian United Corporation offers unique programs opportunities during the summer time to players of all ages experience the "BEAUTIFUL GAME" which combines traditional Brazilian Technical and Tactical practices, developed for high professional soccer educators in Brazil and also brings an INCREDIBLE culture exchange where campers will learn about Brazilian music, Portuguese and all of this with a taste of the passion, flair, creativity of South American Soccer!
BUSA Open Camps
The BUSA SOCCER Camp aims to keep your kids in touch with the "beautiful game" to include; cultural soccer activities; beach soccer; street soccer; mini tournaments and lots of fun. Bring your game and enjoy a different way to learn soccer and develop your skills.
Future Stars Camps
An introduction to soccer involving fun and exciting games with soccer balls and basic coordination movements with lots of fun for the little ones, age 4 to 6 years old.
Club Team Camps
This program is focused on developing club teams.  To get them ready for the upcoming season,  players are exposed to a professional and scientific training methodology that will improve their skills and knowledge of the game.
Futsal Camps
This program is focused on developing teams to get them ready for the season.  This program brings a different way to play! The game is an exciting, fast-paced game that it is played at a small field (court) with fast decision, making under the pressure of restricted time and space.  Campers will learn how to play quick with teammates and think faster during the game.
Goalkeeper Camps
For keepers to practice hard on shot stopping, saving crosses, proper footwork and decision making.
BUSA Premier Camp
This camp will be modeled around the environment of a Brazilian Youth Academy.  BUSA will focus on technical, tactical and behavioral information needed for a soccer player to grow on and off the field. All of this will be accomplished in a competitive learning environment.