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Our Brazilian coaches usually stay with a local host family for the duration of the BUC program. This has become one of the most popular elements of the whole experience.


Each year, we receive lots of emails from families telling us what an incredible time they had hosting one of our coaches. In return, not only will you get a free scholarship to your kid for the whole program, but you will also enjoy a unique week learning about Brazilian culture while you're building a true friendship with our staff.

If you want to become a host family, it's simple!

You just need to fill out the contact form!


By welcoming one of our coaches during the camp program, you'll be opening up a whole world of opportunities where everyone learns from each other. In short, you give a little and gain a lot!

Once hosts open their homes to coaches, a natural family relationship takes place between coach and your family. Learning about another person's culture and interests that represents an understanding of the world as seen by the other.

By opening your door, you open the coach's eyes to the real America: real people, real experiences and real life.

At the same time, their generosity of spirit creates a positive vision of America that crosses borders—and lasts a lifetime. As a host you're free to focus on making your coach feel at home and enjoy your time together.


What is expected from a host family?

What we ask is very simple! We encourage our coaches to become a part of your family's daily routine. Hosting does not imply that your habits will change in any way. We would like you to provide a bed and shower, and as for meals, you don't have to worry; the coach can prepare his own meal or join in the meal together with the family. Whatever works best for you.

How long will the coach be with us?

Typically, coaches arrive in your town on Sunday evening, a day before the camp or program starts. We attempt to have them arrive around 6:00 p.m., and they normally drive and meet you at your house. Unless, otherwise specified, coaches will remain with you until Sunday after the conclusion of the camp or program.

Do I need to provide transportation?

No, all coaches will be provided with their own transportation.

Can I find out about my coach prior to their arrival?

The scheduling of camp staff normally takes place a week before the camp starts. That's when you will find out about the coach. Your local camp coordinator will be provided with a profile of the coaches who will be working at your camp. These coaches' profiles will contain any special details about them, such as dietary restrictions they have.

Do we have to do anything special once they are here?

No. You can continue with your normal routine. Each coach is usually busy during the day and may, occasionally, work a nighttime session. It would be nice if you could schedule any additional family social activities with your coach; but, this is not required.

Do the coaches speak English?

YES! Most of them can communicate really well, but some of them will be having their first experience with the language. So, a host family is a great way to improve the coaches' English as well as an opportunity for the family to learn some Portuguese from them.


Thank you for wanting to be a Host Family!

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