PPS Program

PPS Program is designed to identify, select and manage youth soccer talent aiming to maximize their athletic potential.

Who Should Participate?

  • Payers that want quality training and professional orientation

  • Players with potential and/or talent

  • Players that have goals of a professional soccer career

  • Players that aim to play college level in the US

  • Players that seek international experience

  • High profile players

ID Camp Experience:

  • Training by highly qualified coaches including the Brazil National Team physiologist

  • Professional club scouter / agent representative

  • Physical tests evaluation on speed, strength, power, endurance and anthropometric measurements

  • Technical scouting and evaluation

  • Tactical guidance by position

  • Residential training: 17h field training + 6h
    theoretical classroom + Individual interview

  • Performance analysis with practice recording

Nolan Burns - at Atletico Mineiro, 2017 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Camp Format:

4 day residential camp - board and meals included

DOB: 2002, 2003's and few 2004's exceptions. -



ID camps top performers 

Top performers in ID camps will be selected by BUC staff for the sponsorship; all selected players will receive at no cost each year until his agreement being finished:

•  Year Around Advisory – Soccer Agent (Career Management)

•  Uniforms

•  Supplementary Training Plan

•  Continuous Scouting

•  International Tournaments (Usually Winter Season)

•  International Immersion (Usually Summer Season)

•  Future opportunities of tryouts and contracts with Professional Teams