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“Try to be a man of worth rather than a man of success.”Albert Einstein

What is value and success in soccer? The physicist Albert Einstein with his sentence leaves an important reflection, and within that thought we translate our #BeyondSoccer methodology.

We talked a lot about growing as a person and as a footballer, training hard, dedicating ourselves and chasing our goals; but how far and how deep must we go to be successful in this journey?

he main idea that we want to achieve with these texts is to affirm that it is possible to succeed and be a person of value. Within sport we always see great examples of how we should deal with certain elements of life and create links to make ourselves and our environment more positive and stronger.

When we think of titles, victories and money; we cannot forget work, effort and union. Kobe Bryant once told his story, how he used to wake up earlier than everyone else to have more time to train and dedicate himself to his needs as an athlete, in order to be ahead of his opponents; Within this same story, Kobe names a few people who participated in these hard-fought scenes and how he is extremely grateful for everything and everyone.

Thus, it is evident how significant the action of people around you is to achieve your dreams. It seems that we got away from the subject, but no! Let's return to the main question: What is value and success in soccer?

Success is achieving your goals, winning titles, being recognized, etc.

Value is different! Being someone of value is understanding how you arrived and who helped you in this process. What were the stumbling blocks in your path? What did you do to divert them? Who was by your side to heal your wounds?

Can you answer these questions? Are you proud of the answers you gave to each of them? Do you see yourself as an example for young people who want to be where you are now?

Yes? So in addition to being successful, you've turned your journey into something of value, not only for yourself, but for the world around you; and that's the most important thing! We are not what we have, but we are what we have done to get what we have.

Our philosophy at Brazilian United goes beyond just playing soccer. We believe that success is not only achieved through winning titles and earning recognition, but also by valuing the journey and those who have helped us along the way. By participating in our soccer academy, soccer summer camp, or soccer clinics, you will not only have the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge of the game, but also to develop as a person and create meaningful connections with others in the youth sports community.

Join us in our mission to go beyond soccer and become a better player and person.

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