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Discover the Future Stars Program for Youth Sport Development

BUC provides soccer practices for children of all ages and levels. We have a strong foundation in the Future Stars program because we understand the importance of soccer as a physical activity in children's lives, especially when they need stimulation for better psychomotor development. From ages 3 to 6, it is essential that children are somehow stimulating their balance, coordination, strength, etc.

Soccer is the passion of many children. After all, which child does not like to play ball? This sport can be a great opportunity to encourage children to engage in physical activities. It helps strengthen the muscle and bone mass, leaving bones stronger and healthier.

Another advantage is socialization. Being a team sport, children interact with others, improving their interpersonal relationship skills.

The benefits of physical exercise in childhood go beyond those already known in adult life. Starting to engage in physical activity at a young age will help in the development of various skills that will be even more important throughout their maturity. Below are some of them.

It stimulates good habits

Having a healthy diet, drinking water adequately, sleeping well, and exercising are good life habits that help prevent diseases and have a better quality of life. Many adults struggle when they need to incorporate them into their daily lives because such changes can be challenging.

Therefore, the earlier they become part of the routine, the easier it will be to maintain them. Encouraging children to engage in physical activities can be the starting point for teaching them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Improves concentration

Physical activities have a positive influence on brain function. They help with the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to the organ, and the memorization of learning. All of this favors the ability to concentrate.

If your child has any learning difficulties in school, anxiety, and little focus on completing tasks, engaging in physical activities can help improve this issue.

Develops motor coordination

Regardless of the chosen sport to practice, physical activities help - and a lot - in the development of motor coordination. Although healthy children develop it naturally, it is important to stimulate it so that they can build their full potential of movements and have control over their own bodies.

Improves posture

Poor body posture contributes to the onset of orthopedic diseases, as well as back, neck, and even headaches. Physical exercises are great allies in improving posture because they strengthen the bones and muscles that support the body.

Encourages socialization

Shy children can benefit even more from engaging in physical activities, especially in team sports. During sports, for example, children socialize, talk to their peers, learn about sportsmanship, and make new friends. Therefore, practicing a sport is a great way for children to understand the concepts of society and know how to deal with other people.

Increases sleep quality

Did you know that exercising helps you sleep better? Not just because of fatigue, but because of how the body works. Regular physical activity releases hormones essential for well-being, including serotonin.

As soon as it gets dark, this substance turns into melatonin, the sleep hormone. Thus, if we have a good amount of serotonin in the body, we will soon have melatonin and, consequently, sleep better. If your child has difficulty sleeping, this is another reason to encourage them to move.

Youth sport is a gateway to a brighter future, and our Future Stars program at BUC is the perfect platform for children to embark on this journey. With soccer practices tailored for all ages and levels, we prioritize the holistic development of young athletes, focusing on physical activity as a catalyst for enhanced psychomotor skills. We invite you to visit our program page, where you can find the Future Stars program available for your kid.

Register today and discover more about how Future Stars can empower your child in the world of soccer. Take the first step today and unlock a world of opportunities for your little star.

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