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Busa Pro Team

One of the exchange opportunities offered here at Busa is the Busa-PRO program. In it athletes go to the United States to play for our team and compete for UPSL, one of the most important semi -professional tournaments in the country.

During the season, players actively interact with the community, either because they are housed in family homes or by everyday experiences in the city, where they have direct contact with people in the region during training, tours, parties, etc.

When we talk about last season, we were able to see the support the community gave to our athletes, not only during the games, while they were in the stands, but in everyday life.

The people of Stevensville supported the players all the time, whether receiving in their homes, having parties, cooking out etc. All of these young people from Brazil felt welcomed and part of the community.

João Estrela, right-back of Busa-Pro said: "It was an amazing experience. All the people in town were rooting for us. I felt the affection of each one. When we went to the park, the kids asked to take a picture, played with us and their parents led us with a lot of respect.

Some families invited us to their homes, cooked for us, made those wonderful hamburgers. I miss everuthing already! They have no idea how grateful I am and how their receptivity made our lives happier during those months. "

We invite the community to be part of the BUSA Nation and join the BUSA Family. During UPSL games, we welcome everyone to come out and support our team. It's a great opportunity to show our support and bring the community together. We believe that sports can unite people from different backgrounds and create a sense of belonging.

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