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Brazilian Soccer: A Legacy of Excellence Continues

Since Pelé, Brazil has been at the top of the world when it comes to soccer. No wonder most of the planet knows our country because of this sport, in addition, of course, to our incredible natural beauties.

But is it possible that, after more than 20 years without winning a World Cup, Brazil is still the "País do Futebol"?

This question is often brought up to our coaches and to answer it we are going to talk about numbers and interesting facts that still lead us to believe that we are an incredible power that produces phenomenal athletes.

The biggest and the most important club competition in the world, the Champions League is undoubtedly a reference when we talk about soccer. That's why we're going to analyze the performance of our players using this tournament. Since the 2006 Champions League, at least one Brazilian athlete has competed in the final of the competition for the winning team, that mesns: for more than 15 years, Brazilian players have won the most important club cup in the world.

If we are going to tell the story of Brazilians disputing the final, even though they were not champions, will we stop counting at the year 1999, when Manchester United and Bayern Munich dueled in the final without any Brazilian player on the field. But believe it or not, the Champions League champions of 1999 and 2000 (Man U and Real Madrid) played in the Club World Cup and didn't even reach the final, being overtaken by two Brazilian clubs (Vasco and Corinthians) who played that year's title.

To improve the statistics for the Brazil side, let's talk about the top scorers of the Competition. in a survey carried out by World Football in 2018; in the history of the Champions League (a competition between European teams) Brazil is the third nationality with the most goals in all editions of the tournament, surpassed only by Germany and Spain

After these data, did I prove to you that Brazil is still at the top of world soccer?

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