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Brazilian soccer

Soccer for Brazil goes far beyond the sport. As many say, soccer is a religion in our country.

We started when we were still small, in the middle of the streets, with bare feet and a pair of slippers used to become two goalposts that would simulate the goal.

We watch sports while other children in the world are distracted by cartoons, series or movies. We go to the stadiums while the others go to parks, Cinemas or theaters.

It is different! No wonder we have the king and the queen of soccer (Pelé and Marta), as well as the king and the queen of futsal (Falcão and Amandinha). These people are much more than national idols, they are legends, mirrors for many boys and girls who one day dreamed of being soccer players.

We are the country with the most World Cups wins, the nation with the only 3 players to score a thousand goals in their careers, and we are known as "País do futebol".

That's why, when we talk about what sets BUSA apart from other soccer schools in the US, we're talking about the love each coach has for the sport they work for every day. We dedicate ourselves to expanding this love for the region; see the children dribbling with the "brazilian ginga", while they smile and have fun.

Improving your skills happens in any training, but here, we teach you to see soccer in a different way, the passion brings you the desire to be better, to help your friends, to create the best moves possible and celebrate every goal scored; lift your head and seek success, even when everything seems to be against us.

Soccer is part of the history of every Brazilian, it is our culture, our religion, our lifestyle. That's why no one will teach you the wonders of this sport better than a coach that comes from Brazil.

Here we are a family, sport is in our veins, in the air we breathe, in every thought, in every step your kids take on the field, in every goal scored and when we are celebrating together on this road to the success.

If you want your child to be on the best soccer team, contact us. We have programs for all ages in all the seasons, including summer camp, winter clinics, and fall and spring teams.

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