This program is an opportunity for a soccer player that aims at the highest level since offering a uniquely positive environment to soccer development merged on total life soccer style in Brazil with top youth soccer players.

After successful international immersion in 2019 where you can find pictures and videos below, BUC is offering a few spots opportunity for 2020.

Check the future plans for the 2020 international immersion experience.



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Players will be select at BUSA coaching staff discretion and spots available.


"I have only good things to say about our trip to Brazil with BUSA. It was a wonderful experience. The players learned so much

from the coaches, the Brazilian players and from each other. Brazil is a wonderful country, nature is amazing and the people

are so friendly. The BUSA coaches did a fantastic job to make us feel welcome and safe and they did everything to help out and

be available for all kinds of questions. 

The fact that we stayed in a smaller city and area made us feel so safe and good. The training program was intense for the boys

but it was a great mix of free time and adventures as well.  We visited a waterfall, rode horses, took the zip line out from high mountains.

We celebrated Festa Junina with a dance at a local high school. We tried all kinds of good food. But most importantly we watched

a lot of great soccer.  The VAR tournament we got to attend was an experience of a lifetime for the boys.

Its really an amazing opportunity BUSA gives the players with this program. I can warmly recommend it"

"Rebecka Vujinovic Lundin"