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International Travel experience offers unique custom-made tours for individuals or small groups/teams to travel overseas to enhance their soccer experience.

This program is dedicated to those who want to see soccer outside the box; You will experience a completely different soccer culture, connect with local players and practice with coaches and athletes of a different level.


Bringing different levels of training and games combined with cultural opportunities will become a lifetime experience for all participants. 


○ 10 to 21 days program

○ Teams and Individual program
○ 13 to 21 years old

○ Customized program for different levels of players

travelling with buc



Cultural Exchange brings a unique feeling and perspective when you are living a new lifetime trip.




Practice and play in a Brazilian Soccer Team. 

Live an immersive Soccer Experience. 



Explore new adventures and the beauty of Brazil. 

We're not made only for soccer.

Welcome :)

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Transportation, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks/fruits and diner), transfer to the airport, travel insurance, club fee, tournament/games fee when applied, sightseeing's tickets, a language translator and an amazing support staff. 


Not included: Flights



Time of the year: May-July or November/December

*Different dates can be discussed

  • How does it work?
    The player and staff will spend a couple of weeks out of the country, practicing, playing, eating, breathing, and enjoying the total cultural exchange with the immersion within a local club with other local players.
  • What is Included in the program?
    Pretty much everything. It is an all-included package with and you really don’t need to worry about or plan anything. We will take care of the player as part of our own family J Transportation, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks/fruits, and diner), transfer to the airport, travel insurance, club fee, tournament/games fee when applied, sightseeing tickets, a language translator, and an amazing support staff.
  • What is not included?
    Air Flights tickets. But don’t worry, we will assist it to make it easier. We will book a group ticket, and then everyone will fly in and out together.
  • Does the parent need to go too?
    No, while few parents want to go to, enjoy some vacation and we can assist as much as possible with that. There is no need in case parents can’t go. Sleep well and we will take care of everything. Also, you often will receive an update of everything that is happening.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes. All steps, events, practices, sightseeing, and accommodations are highly overviewed by our local staff. Also, players will have one or more coaches with the players giving support at all times.
  • What is the program goal?
    We want to provide a bridge/connection between players' dreams and opportunities to go to the next level on the field and life, that goes beyondsoccer.
  • Why Brasil was chosen for this program?
    Not only to be the top country in the world of soccer (most titles and awards), not because there are many players in the top 10 in the world every year, or you hardly find a champion team without a Brazilian player on the squad. But because of the youth players professionalize system and all cultural involved in that. Brazil is the top record of creating professional players (+2,700 current players) and also top on the exportation of soccer players in the world by far (+ 1,500 playing soccer in almost every professional soccer league in the world) - CIES Football Observatory So bringing the players to a local club that helps dozen of soccer players yearly to professionalize, the kids will have a unique opportunity to see, feel the environment, experience it, and taste some cultural aspects and barriers that many kids/players in brazil go through to achieve a big accomplishment.
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