ABOUT FUTSAL: Futsal is the official five-a-side indoor soccer game and the only indoor soccer recognized by FIFA, the governing body of soccer worldwide.
Futsal is beginning to take the country by storm as more and more American soccer players, coaches, clubs and associations discover the unique and positive qualities of Futsal. It is a game played around the world. Many of todays world stars begin their youth soccer by playing Futsal. The Brazilians attribute their world soccer success to Futsal. Ronaldo has credited Futsal with developing quick foot control, fast thinking and awareness.

Accelerated Learning – ‘60 Possessions per Player’


In a 30 minute Futsal match, a field player on a team using a dynamic system of play will touch the ball once every 29.5 seconds.


That is just over 60 possessions per player per match if the player plays the entire match. This compares to only 30 to 40 possessions per player in a full 90 minute outdoor soccer match (number varies by position and the style of soccer the team plays). The majority of possessions in Futsal are quick 1 or 2 touch combinations with teammates. In Futsal, players who put their head down and try three or more touch combinations usually find themselves double teamed and losing the ball. The game rewards players who keep their head up, control the ball, support their teammates and use one and two touch combination plays to work with teammates.