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Fairfax County

We offer the best Futsal program to children aged 4 to 17. It's a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn futsal and enhance their existing skills. We create a supportive environment where they can grow in their love of the sport. 


Join us today and give your child an unforgettable experience!



September 16th to Nov 4th

8 weeks

Futsal - 4-6 y.o.

9:30am - 10:25am


Futsal - 6-8 y.o.
10:30am - 11:25am 

Futsal - 8-12 y.o.

11:30am - 12:25pm 

Futsal - 13-17 y.o.

12:30pm - 1:25pm 

West Springfield Elementary School - 6802 Deland Dr, Springfield, VA

Investment: $145

Our program will provide participants with a fun, developmental training opportunity during the fall season.

FUTSAL helps children's motor and cognitive development through improving abilities, creativity, cognition, solving problems, decision-making, notions of space, and inclusivity, among other benefits.


Do you know what all the top soccer players from Brazil have in common? Before they all started playing soccer, they all played futsal. In futsal, players practice ten times more with the ball at their feet.

Parent's testimonial

"I wanted to share our experience with putting our 9 year old son Levi in this camp with Diego, Claudio, and Carina. Before he started this week, he played 4 seasons and became accustomed to playing defense. He was very uncomfortable with even trying to score. After just 3 days with your coaches he entered his indoor soccer game with the confidence to play offense, making several assists and put lots of pressure on the other team. To see seasons and months of apprehension be reversed by your coaches methodology, fun spirit, and coaching expertise was invaluable to us and worth so much more than the cost. We really appreciate the huge difference in attitude and skill the coaches have facilitated for Levi. I wish you and this organization continued success!"

Chris Tan -Levi’s Dad

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