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It's well known that the benefits of sports practice can positively affect a person’s life.


But sadly, according to many articles due to burnout and lack of engagement 75% of kids in the USA give up on any sport by 14 years old. In Soccer the LAST game average is 9.1 years old.

What do we do to change these high numbers?


1- Respecting each kid's individuality and their age’s process

2- Providing an experience for life. Helping the kids become a decision-maker when facing a challenging situation.

3- Building a passion and more engagement for the game.


​BUC has designed a scientific methodology, which the kids are the main point of it! Delivering an experience that goes way beyond soccer.


All programs and sessions are based on 3 main points of the #beyondsoccer philosophy:

Respect + Experience + Development.


​With that philosophy in mind, we impact positively thousand of kids through this genuine Brazilian soccer.


Let's score together to change the game and create better stats for our kids. They deserve the best!


Let's team-up. Contact us.

are you interested in making a partnership with buc? Send us a message! 

We'll answer you soon!
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