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Our Story.

BUC started in the United States of America in 2017.

It comes from the history of Brazilians uniting for one cause: to positively impact the lives of young athletes through genuine Brazilian soccer. 
Its differential lies in the excellent training of its coaches working in the athlete's development with a new methodology developed based on the Beyond Soccer philosophy, with three main pillars: Respect + Experience + Development.


Brazilian United has had excellent quality control results through the Beyond Soccer Philosophy, 4.6
(0 to 5 satisfaction survey among all programs), with athlete retention in the programs in 2019 and 2020 above 80%. Today, Buc develops more than 1,000 athletes annually in various programs.


Among the athletes, several successful cases were approved in international clubs, universities, high schools, and elite national clubs. But the company's greatest success is in all the experiences of thousands of athletes during this journey, all the positive technical, tactical, physical, health, psychological and social impacts.


Who is included in the sport, and who learn to love practicing sports for life.


Meet Our team.

Everyone on our BUC Team is part of our family. And everyone understands what is our goal and why we do what we do. Our culture is among our staff.


"I am passionate about sport, especially football, as a former player there was never another career path. All my work experience demanded leadership; setting, planning, and pursuing goals; manage and connect different areas to improve performance and scenarios; teamwork.."


Director of coaching


"As Head Coach, Coordinator of summer programs, in a different country, culture, having to learn a new language. It has been giving me the desire to p constantly pursue new challenges. My goal as a Coach and Coordinator will be always inspiring and be able to share my passion for what I do."


Summer Programs Coordinator

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"The goal of my career is to continue the pursuit of excellence through continuous qualification and contact with knoledge regarding sports performance."

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ygor costa

Methodology Coordinator



Senior Head Coach

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breno campos

BUSA-MG Head Coach 

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"The first sport I had contact with as a child was football and since then it has become part of my life. I've played for a few years and now I have the opportunity to share experiences and learn."

natali suto


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"I am Prof. José Carlos (Zeca), I have been working in soccer for 33 years as an athlete and coach. I have a degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Soccer, with my work I develop and train teams and athletes in the technical and tactical aspects from short to long term."


BUSA-SP Head Coach

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eduardo gabão

Graphic Design

Did you know that BUC soccer coaches are professionals and just do it for leaving? To become a licensed soccer coach in Brazil is necessary to complete a university degree as physical education or sport science. 
So our coaches are Fully Licensed + Degree in sports-related + High Experience + Beyond Soccer curriculum trained + International Cultural Exposure + BUC soccer license: year-round training (+50h) with top coaches and Sport phd in Brasil (know more about BCA) and complete background checked.

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